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     Adam Baldych

Violinist, composer.  Was born in Gorzуw Wlkp, (Poland), 18.05.1986
ACT Music Recording Artist. 

His nickname "Evil" is probably the best word defining his emotionl kind of playing and improvising. In the age of 16, Adam started performing internationally (Germany, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Indonesia, Spain, France, USA). First called "infant prodigy" evolved to being named one of the most interesting jazz violinist in Europe. Adam Baldych’s music is an extremely expressive combination of modern musical flows. The virtuosity, which is the trademark of the artist make Adam's concerts an unique sight full of energy, youthful zing, but also a mature sound, that receives popularity and respect both from the audience and critics.

Often compared with the greatests: Michal Urbaniak and Henryk Wieniawski. Himself about his inspirations, he says: Rachmaninoff, Radiohead, Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix.

"Adam's music is quite unlike anything I've heard before. At times, it treads on the same Indie-jazz territory as Sickafoose's Tiny Resistors, but really, Baldych seems to have paced off some jazz territory all his own. Beautiful violin with plenty of fire and grace, clearly influenced by other music, very much rooted in jazz. Adam relocated to NYC recently, but this is more excellent jazz from Poland. - Dave Summer / All About Jazz
Adam is also author of music for theaters and film scoring. He got scholarship at Berklee College of Music. Graduated with honors Music Academy / jazz department in Katowice (Poland). In 2007 he did a project with Grammy-award winner - Jim Beard, presenting Adams' music combined with Jim's great compositions.

Year after, he makes music with Leszek Mozdzer and Lars Danielsson for movie "Arne Treasure". In 2009 he is recording album called "Tribute to Seifert" with most influential violinists nowadays such as: Didier Lockwood, Pierre Blanchard, Jerry Goodman, Krzesimir Debski or Christian Howes.
As a instrumentalist he cooperated and played with many great artists as: Jim Beard, John Benitez, Luluk Purwanto, Clarence Penn, Joe Sanders, Taylor Eigsti, Rene Van Helsdingen, Urszula Dudziak, Didier Labbe Quartet, Billy Cobham, Cezary Konrad, Nigel Kennedy, Grazyna Auguscik, Paulinho Garcia, Monty Waters, Dana Hawkins and many more.

His recent project are cooperated with many time awarded Royal Strings Quartet, pianist Taylor Eigsti , basist John Benitez & drummer Dana Hawkins, pianist Iiro Rantala and The Baltic Gang (Lars Danielsson, Jacob Karlzon, Morten Lund, Verneri Pohjola and Marius Neset).


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www.adambaldych.com Official website. Biography, discography
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Baldych About from 'wikipedia'
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 Adam Baldych - 'Imaginary Room' - 2012, ACT

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