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     Aaron Novik

I've been living, composing and performing in the Bay Area for 12 years. I use music to convey ideas beyond merely collecting a group of sounds together. I compose music that addresses thoughts and emotions and abstractions.

I enjoy playing with genre and have a hard time defining/confining myself. In the past few years I have written music for different projects that could be defined as pop songs, chamber classical, psychedelic jazz, gypsy folk, and even heavy metal. Within these obviously disparate stylistic choices are a unifying compositional aesthetic that slowly reveals itself the more projects you hear of mine. This aesthetic relies heavily on rhythm, harmony, melody, order and sound. Personally I find it is more interesting to experiment within these confines to push each to new and exciting places. New rhythmic subdivisions and poly-rhythms, surprising melodic and harmonic choices.

I moved to San Francisco 12 years ago and began studying clarinet with the great Ben Goldberg. I began leading ensembles soon after and eventually went to UC Berkeley to study composition with Eitan Steinberg and Olly Wilson. I also studied new concepts of rhythm and improvisation with Steve Coleman at UC Berkeley, a boundary pushing alto sax player from New York.

Other ventures of note include performing with the bass clarinet Edmund Welles, which has received grants from Chamber Music America, and Yerba Buena's new composers series, and performing with Patrick Cress' Telepathy which has also received numerous grants in conjunction with Dandelion Dance Theatre and ODC. Aaron Novik also plays with the Nathan Clevenger Group, and Karina Denike.



Aaron Novik (born 21 July 1974) is an American composer, clarinetist and bandleader based in San Francisco. He is involved with the Bay Area Improv Scene and is a member of Edmund Welles The Bass Clarinet Quartet which was a 2004 recipient of a New Works Creation and Presentation grant from Chamber Music America. Novik has appeared in San Francisco and New York City with guitarist Fred Frith re-creating his 1980 avant-garde dance album, Gravity (Fred Frith album).

Novik's most recent album Secrets of Secrets was released on John Zorn's Tzadik Records in February 2012 as part of the Radical Jewish Culture Series. Secrets of Secrets was hailed by The East Bay Express as "enticing" and "ferociously executed" and by The Jewish Week as "richly textured and eclectic avant-klez" for its use of the 13th century sacred Kabbalah texts of Rabbi Eleazar of Worms. His second most recent album, Floating World Vol. 1 was released on the Porto Franco Record label in 2011. Albums The Samuel Suite, Simulacra and Kipple were released on the Evander label.

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 Aaron Novik - 'Secret Of Secrets' - 2012, Tzadik

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