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     Aaron Heick

Seattle-born Aaron Heick is currently a freelance saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist living in New York City. He became a long-time member of R&B diva Chaka Khan's touring band, following what was to be a one-time recording session. Over the past 20 years, Aaron has also worked with a diverse group of artists including Paul Simon, Suzanne Vega, Aretha Franklin, Carly Simon, Frank Sinatra, Donald Fagen, Vonda Shepard, Cyndi Lauper, Ben E. King, Bobby Caldwell, Vanessa Williams, Manhattan Transfer, Steps Ahead, Jim Beard, Dennis Chambers, Grover Washington Jr. and Ray Baretto.

Saxophonist Aaron Heick has immersed himself in a musical community as diverse as the City of New York itself. In addition to his eight-year association with Chaka Khan, he has maintained a role as an active member of the New York studio scene. Between his frequent tours to Europe and Japan, Aaron Heick also finds time to sub regularly on Broadway.

It seems there is no one specific definition for Aaron Heick's work as a saxophone player. His musical pursuits are as varied as his interests. The one constant in his musical life is the saxophone.


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 Aaron Heick - 'Romantric Jazz Trio: Europe' - 2009, Venus Jazz
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 Jim Beard - 'Truly' - 1997, Escapade Music
 Oren Bloedow - 'La Mar Enfortuna' - 2001, Tzadik
 Richard Bona - 'Scenes From My Life' - 1999, Sony
 Richard Bona - 'Tiki' - 2005, Universal Music (France)
 Dennis Chambers - 'Outbreak' - 2002, Esc Records
 Dave's True Story - 'Sex Without Bodies' - 1998, Chesky
 Donald Fagen - 'Sunken Condos' - 2012, Reprise
 Elli Fordyce - 'Sings Songs Spun Of Gold' - 2009, Fordyce
 Adam Holzman - 'Big Picture' - 1997, Escapade Music
 Chaka Khan - 'The Women I Am' - 1992, Warner Bros.
 Bettye LaVette - 'Interpretations: The British Rock Songbook' - 2010, Anti
 Boz Scaggs - 'Speak Low' - 2008, Decca
 Steps Ahead - 'Vibe' - 1994, NYC
 Roland Vazquez - 'The Visitor' - 2010, RVCD
 Brian Woodbury - 'Variety Orchestra' - 2004, ReR

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