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     Rosario Giuliani

Born: 1967 in Terracina, Itlay
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Post-Bop

Voted the best new talent in the 2000 critics poll Top Jazz conducted by a top-rated music magazine, Rosario Giuliani became seriously involved in the European jazz scene in 1997. The talented alto saxophonist achieved a first place at Brussels' Europe Jazz Contest, a major festival that led him to get a record deal with the Parisian label Dreyfus Jazz, named after Francis Dreyfus.

Frosinone's Conservatory of Music graduate Rosario Giuliani joined the Giovani Talenti del Jazz Europeo, a European jazz orchestra sponsored by the Italian Broadcasting System RAI, before assembling the Giuliani Quartet along with pianist Pitero Lussu, bassist Dario Rosciglioni, and drummer Di Leonardo.

- Drago Bonacich (All Music Guide)

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 Rosario Giuliani - 'Duets For Trane' - 1998, Philology
 Rosario Giuliani - 'Lennie's Pennies' - 2010, Dreyfus Jazz
 Rosario Giuliani - 'More Than Ever' - 2005, Dreyfus
 Rosario Giuliani - 'Mr. Dodo' - 2002, Dreyfus
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 Flavio Boltro - 'Joyful' - 2012, Bonsai

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