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     Rob Price

Rob Price is from Massachusetts. He's been encouraged by his family to study music one way or another, formally or informally, his whole life. Before picking up the guitar in 1991 (one year after he moved to New York City), he played violin, viola and piano. In NYC he started playing in various free improv groups and in the avant rock band Dim Sum Clip Job, which released an album, Harmolodic Jeopardy, on John Zorn's Avant label. He began his own label, Gutbrain Records, in 2000.



Rob Price is from Massachusetts and has been encouraged by his family to study and to play music his whole life. A classically trained violinist (who also dabbled in viola and piano), he switched to guitar after moving to New York City in 1990. He has played in numerous experimental and improvised music ensembles and was a founding member of the avant-rock band Dim Sum Clip Job, which recorded an album for John Zorn's Avant label. Recently Price has been releasing recordings of his music, both composed and improvised, on his own Gutbrain Records label. He has performed at the What Is Jazz? Festival and the Boise Experimental Music Festival and plays regularly in the New York City area.


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 Rob Price - 'At Sunset' - 2004, Gutbrain Records

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