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     Moscow Art Trio

Moscow Art Trio (established in 1990) is a Russian trio comprising Arkady Shilkloper (French horn & flugelhorn), Misha Alperin (piano & vocals) & Sergey Starostin (vocals, clarinet & folkreeds), performing min the Classical/Jazz/Traditional music generas.

The guiding force of the trio, Mikhail Alperinis, alsocompose the music. He has been living near Oslo, Norway, since 1993, and has become a central figure when it comes to new improvised music of the far north. Arkady Shilkloper (horns) used to play within the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, and has also collaborated with the Bolshoi Theater Orchestra. His unique ability to combine the different music languages makes him unique. Folksinger Sergey Starostin always showed great interest for folk tales and folk music, even while studying classical music. The trio has appeared at festivals an musical scenes all around the world.

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 Moscow Art Trio - 'Hamburg Concert' - 1996, Jaro Medien
 Moscow Art Trio - 'Instead Of Making Children' - 2006, Jaro Medien
 Moscow Art Trio - 'Live In Holland' - 2009, DOM
 Moscow Art Trio - 'Live In Karlsruhe' - 1998, Boheme Music
 Moscow Art Trio - 'Music' - Jaro Medien

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