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     Michael C. Ghegan

With the 2005 release of his self-titled debut solo CD, Michael Ghegan has cemented his status as one of the most expressive and in-demand saxophonists on the contemporary music scene.

A constantly touring saxophonist and keyboardist whose musical travels have taken him from intimate performances for the President of the United States to on-screen collaborations with Elton John and arena gigs with Aerosmith, Ghegan has played all over the world. He has supported and played with Grammy-winning artists ranging from the Allman Brothers to Jamiroquai.

Ghegan is the featured saxophone soloist with multi-platinum selling pop artist, Justin Timberlake and world-renowned jazz pianist Keiko Matsui as well as a solo artist in his own right. A graduate of the Rutgers University Mason Gross School of the Arts with degrees in education and jazz performance, Ghegan has been a music teacher at the elementary, middle and high school levels as well as an adjunct professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Ghegan also writes and produces music for popular television shows and composed and produced the score for the motion picture "Jack Halloween." Ghegan has artist endorsements with Ultimate Support Stands, Yamaha, Vandoren, AKG, and Hiscox cases of London. Michael has also played on numerous movie and commercial soundtracks, including the motion picture "Jack Frost" and international ad campaigns for companies such as Mercedes Benz and Diet Coke. He is the President and founder of Bluetone Productions, a company that provides original sound design for everything from artists CDs to television commercial soundtracks, Title Theme and Bumper music, as well as Feature Film scores.

Ghegan's 2005 debut solo CD, Michael Ghegan, is a testament to his skill and diversity as a musician. All of the songs on the album were written by Michael, and in addition to playing saxophones on the album, he also handles keyboards, drum programming, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and flute. Award-winning pianist Keiko Matsui guests on the CD along with drummer Michael Bland and bass guitarist Mel Brown.

When he's not on stage or in the studio, Ghegan obsesses over surfing, loves traveling and makes magic happen in the kitchen.


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 Michael C. Ghegan - 'Michael Ghegan' - 2004, Michael Ghegan

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