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     Max Schultz

After having attended a Jimi Hendrix concert, Max Schultz at the age of ten began learning the guitar. One year later he started playing the electric guitar and together with some school friends formed a band playing gigs around town. He played for a while with the reggae band, Jah-maica, before joining the multi-faceted group Mynta, led by bassist Christian Paulin. He stayed with the group for seven years, gaining much experience and playing all over the world at festivals, not only in Stockholm but Montreux, Singapore, Bombay, New Delhi, Cuba and Nicaragua. In 1988 he played with pianist Herbie Hancock and even recorded an album with him in 2001. At the beginning of the '90s he joined saxophonist Hеkan Brostrцm's group, In and Out, making two albums with them.

The Nineties was a very busy period for Max and he formed the Max Schultz Band and was chosen to make the annual "Jazz In Sweden" album for 1993. By this time he had become one of the most highly regarded guitarists in Sweden, his playing encompassing a broad range of genres for both electric and acoustic music, and the list of artists with whom he works (in many cases recording) has increased steadily, including singers Rebecka Tцrnquist, Victoria Tolstoy, Svante Thuresson and Tommy Kцrberg and such instrumentalists as organist Pierre Swдrd, trombonist Nils Landgren, saxophonist David Wilciewski and pianist Esbjцrn Svensson.

In 2006 Max received a scholarship from Laila and Charles Gavatin's Foundation for Jazz Music. The same year he won the Guitar People's Prize and was presented with an acoustic guitar specially built by David Sundberg.



Мах Шульц - шведский музыкант и композитор, в 10-летнем возрасте попал на концерт Джими Хендрикса, после чего решил, что будет играть на гитаре. Через несколько лет Макс со школьными друзьями организовал группу "Rena Vlskor", о которой даже вышел фильм на шведском ТВ в 1979 году. Позднее он присоединился к коллективу "Mynta" и выступал с ним 7 лет (они давали концерты не только в Швеции, но и в Монтрё, Сингапуре, Бомбее, на Кубе и в Никарагуа...). В 90-х Шульц собрал Max Schultz Band, записал несколько альбомов, за один из которых был назван джазменом года-93 в Швеции. Также он работал с Victoria Tolstoy, Esbjоrn Svensson, Nils Landgren, Herbie Hancock и др. В 2006 году музыкант получил Guitar People's Prize.

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