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     Linnzi Zaorski

Linnzi Zaorski is an American indie jazz singer and songwriter based in New Orleans, Louisiana. She started out performing with the New Orleans Jazz Vipers, and then formed her own backing band, Delta Royale, when she had the opportunity to get a regular gig in New Orleans. Delta Royale has been described as a "formidable band" for its instrumental talent. Zaorski still performs primarily in New Orleans, but has also toured the United States performing in cities such as New York City and Los Angeles, California. She has released several albums, including Linnzi Zaorski & Delta Royale, Hotsy-Totsy, Hot Wax & Whiskey, It's a Wonderful Record, etc.

In September 2006, Zaorski was the subject of a national radio piece by National Public Radio commentator Andrei Codrescu.

In 2002, Zaorski and Delta Royale recorded their self-titled debut album, including standards such as "The Way You Look Tonight", "Stars Fell on Alabama", and "Dream a Little Dream". The album contains seven live tracks recorded at the Spotted Cat in New Orleans and six studio tracks. Zaorski provides vocals, with Delta Royale providing guitar, bass, saxophone, clarinet, and trumpet. No drums appear on the recording. New Orleans music magazine Offbeat described her as having earned recognition for the style of the album. Another publication, the Gambit Weekly, described Zaorski and her debut album as being part of an influential traditional jazz movement in New Orleans that was bringing new energy to the scene.

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 Linnzi Zaorski - 'Hot Wax And Whiskey' - 2007, Linnzi Zaorski
 Linnzi Zaorski - 'Hotsy-Totsy' - 2004, Linnzi Zaorski
 Linnzi Zaorski - 'Linnzi Zaorski And Delta Royale' - 2002, Linnzi Zaorski
 Linnzi Zaorski - 'Naughty Sweetie' - 2011, Linnzi Zaorski

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