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     Jessica Pilnas

Jessica Pilnas was singing right from the start. Her father played the piano in Sweden's most popular and (still) longest running pop-bands "Sven-Ingvars" and being brought up with music there was no surprise when she proved to have an extraordinary vocal talent. Already at the age of 16 she reached the third place in the Swedish qualifying round for the Eurovision Song Contest 1995. This was Sweden's most popular tv-show and Jessica was immediately offered to sign an album deal but she rejected. This kind of pop was not her style and instead she went to study for two years at the famous jazz-school "Fridhem" a place that has brought forward many of the young jazz musicians of Sweden.

At the age of 20 she went on tour as a band member of "Robyn" an internationally renowned Swedish R&B artist. Her producing team recognized Jessica's unique talent and immediately arranged for a record deal. Her first album "Pretender" was released under the name of "ISA". The album made a great impact in Japan with more than 50.000 units sold and Jessica went on tour throughout the whole country during the year 2000. It was then, when she met guitarist Johan Norberg, who later became her husband. This kind of music career however, was still far away from her longing to sing jazz and at the end of the year, when she realized that this was more a life with promotion and singing playback than anything else, so she once again took a step back from the spotlights.


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 Jessica Pilnas - 'Bitter And Sweet' - 2011, Emocion

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