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     Ysa Ferrer

Ysa Ferrer (born 4 June 1972 in Oran, Algeria) is a French actress and singer of Spaniard Heritage.

Ysa Ferrer was born in Oran (Algeria) to Spanish parents who emigrated there from Spain. She was a teenager when she started to work for a local radio station in France. Very quickly, she moved to Paris and after only a few auditions, she was chosen to play one of the leading roles in a popular TV series. At the same time she also started to act in movies for the cinema.

However Ysa knew that her real love was music. During her days off she worked on demos. In 1995, she signed a deal with Universal Music France. Two albums were released : "D'essences naturelles" in 1995 and "Kamikaze", which contained her hit single "Mes re^ves", followed in 1998.

After several singles ("Mourir pour elles" - EMI Records and "Made In Japan"- East-West France), she released a dance version of Goran Bregovic's song "Ederlezi". The track was a hit in Sweden (top 20) and all eastern Europe (Germany and Russia especially).

In 2007, she founded her own production company, Lovarium Production, and started to work on her own. Since then she has released several hits taken from her third album "Imaginaire Pur" ("On fait l'amour", which contains a sample from Rondo Veneziano, "Sens Interdit", "Last Zoom") .

Writer, composer and singer, Ysa Ferrer is regarded as the French "Kylie Minogue". Her dance/electro style, called "Pop Kosmic" is very popular in France and Russia especially in the gay community where she is considered as a true icon.

"After the release of my latest album and his unexpected success in the eastern countries in particular, I decided to work harder than ever. The last two years have been intense, productive and full of emotion. I realized how beautiful my fans are and i wanted to meet them again and again", says Ysa Ferrer.

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 Ysa Ferrer - 'D'essences Naturelles' - 1995, Lovarium Production, Universal Music
 Ysa Ferrer - 'Imaginaire Pur Reloaded' - 2008, Lovarium, Multiwaves
 Ysa Ferrer - 'Kamikaze 2.0' - 2008, Lovarium Production, Polydor
 Ysa Ferrer - 'Ultra Ferrer' - 2010, Lovarium Production

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