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     Mal Waldron

Real name: Malcolm Earl Waldron
Born: Aug 16, 1926 in New York, NY
Died: December 2, 2002
Genres; Jazz
Styles: Hard Bop, Post-Bop
Instruments: Piano

A pianist with a brooding, rhythmic, introverted style, Mal Waldron's playing has long been flexible enough to fit into both hard bop and freer settings. Influenced by Thelonious Monk's use of space, Waldron has had his own distinctive chord voicings nearly from the start. Early on, Waldron played jazz on alto and classical music on piano, but he switched permanently to jazz piano while at Queens College. He freelanced around New York in the early '50s with Ike Quebec (for whom he made his recording debut), Big Nick Nicholas and a variety of R&B-ish groups. Waldron frequently worked with Charles Mingus from 1954-56 and was Billie Holiday's regular accompanist during her last two years (1957-59). Often hired by Prestige to supervise recording sessions, Waldron contributed many originals (including "Soul Eyes," which became a standard) and basic arrangements that prevented spontaneous dates from becoming overly loose jam sessions. He has mostly led his own groups since Holiday's death, although he was part of the Eric Dolphy Booker Little Quintet that was recorded extensively at the Five Spot in 1961, and also worked with Abbey Lincoln for a time during the era. He wrote three film scores (The Cool World, Three Bedrooms In Manhattan and Sweet Love Bitter) before moving permanently to Europe in 1965, settling in Munich in 1967. Waldron, who has occasionally returned to the U.S. for visits, has long been a major force in the European jazz world. His album Free at Last was the first released by ECM, and his Black Glory was the fourth Enja album. Mal Waldron, who has frequently teamed up with Steve Lacy (often as a duet), has kept quite busy up to the present time, featuring a style that has evolved but is certainly traceable to his earliest record dates. Among the many labels that have documented his music have been Prestige, New Jazz, Bethlehem, Impulse, Musica, Affinity, ECM, Futura, Nippon Phonogram, Enja, Freedom, Black Lion, Horo, Teichiku, Hat Art, Palo Alto, Eastwind, Baybridge, Paddle Wheel, Muse, Free Lance, Soul Note, Plainisphere and Timeless.

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)


Уолдрон Малкольм Эрл (р. 16 августа 1926, Нью-Йорк) - американский джазовый музыкант (фортепиано), аранжировщик, композитор. Представитель модерн-джаза.


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 Mal Waldron - 'Black Glory' - 1971, Enja
 Mal Waldron - 'Crowd Scene' - 1989, Soul Note
 Mal Waldron - 'Hard Talk' - 1974, Enja
 Mal Waldron - 'Left Alone '86' - 1993, Evidence
 Mal Waldron - 'Mal 1' - 1956, OJC
 Mal Waldron - 'Mal 2 Prestige 7111' - 1957, OJC
 Mal Waldron - 'Mal 3 Sounds' - 1958, OJC
 Mal Waldron - 'Mal 4 Trio' - 1958, OJC
 Mal Waldron - 'Maturity, Vol.1: Klassics' - 1998, Tokuma Records
 Mal Waldron - 'Maturity, Vol.2: He's My Father' - 1995, Tokuma Records
 Mal Waldron - 'Maturity, Vol.3: Dual' - 1995, Tokuma Records
 Mal Waldron - 'Maturity, Vol.5: Elusiveness Of Mt. Fuji' - 1996, Tokuma Records
 Mal Waldron - 'One - Upmanship' - 1977, Enja
 Mal Waldron - 'One More Time' - 2002, Sketch
 Mal Waldron - 'Soul Eyes' - 1997, BMG, RCA Victor
 Mal Waldron - 'The Quest !' - 1961, Prestige
 Mal Waldron - 'What It Is' - 1981, Enja
  как основной соисполнитель ...
 John Coltrane - 'Coltrane & Elmo Hope & Mal Waldron' - 1956, M&A Group, Planet Music
 John Coltrane - 'Coltrane & Ray Draper & Mal Waldron' - 1957, M&A Group, Planet Music
 David Friesen - 'Remembering Mal' - 2006, Soul Note
 Thad Jones - 'After Hours' - 1957, Prestige
 Jeanne Lee - 'After Hours' - 1994, Blue Note, OWL
 Barney Wilen - 'French Story' - 1990, Alfa Music
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 Gene Ammons - 'A Stranger In Town' - 2002, Prestige
 Gene Ammons - 'Angel Eyes' - 1960, OJC
 Gene Ammons - 'Blue Gene' - 1958, Prestige, Original Jazz Classics
 Gene Ammons - 'Funky' - 1957, Prestige, OJC
 Gene Ammons - 'Jammin' In Hi Fi With Gene Ammons' - 1957, Prestige, OJC
 Gene Ammons - 'Jammin' With Gene' - 1956, Prestige, Артель 'Восточный ветер'
 Anthony Braxton - 'Six Monk's Composition' - 1987, Black Saint
 Kenny Burrell - 'Two Guitars' - 1957, Prestige, OJC
 Donald Byrd - 'All Night Long' - 1956, OJC
 Teddy Charles - 'Coolin'' - 1995, New Jazz-OJC
 Teddy Charles - 'The The Teddy Charles Tentet (Complete Recordings)' - 1963, Jazz Beat
 Teddy Charles - 'Vibe-Rant' - 1957, Blue Moon
 John Coltrane - 'Cattin'' - 1957, OJC
 John Coltrane - 'Coltrane (Prestige)' - 1957, OJC, Prestige
 John Coltrane - 'Dakar' - 1995, OJC, Prestige
 John Coltrane - 'Interplay For 2 Trumpets And 2 Tenors' - 1957, Азбука Звука, Prestige
 John Coltrane - 'Wheelin' & Dealin'' - 1957, Prestige-OJC
 Eric Dolphy - 'At The Five Spot: Complete Edition' - 2011, Essential Jazz Classics
 Eric Dolphy - 'Candid Dolphy' - 1960, Candid
 Eric Dolphy - 'Eric Dolphy & Booker Little Remembered Live At Sweet Basil, Vol. 2: Fire Waltz' - 1993, Evidence
 Eric Dolphy - 'Here And There' - 1991, OJC, Prestige
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 Charles Mingus - 'Blues & Roots' - 1960, Atlantic
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 Paul Quinichette - 'On The Sunny Side' - 1996, OJC
 Max Roach - 'It's Time' - 1962, Impulse!
 Max Roach - 'Speak, Brother, Speak!' - 1962, Fntasy, Артель 'Восточный ветер'
 Phil Woods - 'Four Altos' - 1991, OJC, Prestige

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