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     Billy Kyle

Born: Jul 14, 1914 in Philadelphia, PA
Died: Feb 23, 1966 in Youngstown, OH
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Swing
Instruments: Piano

A fluent pianist with a light touch, Billy Kyle never achieved much fame, but he always worked steadily. A professional from the time he was 18, Kyle played in the big bands of Tiny Bradshaw and Lucky Millinder and then became an important part of the John Kirby Sextet (1938-1942), a perfect vehicle for his style. He was forced to leave the band when he was drafted and, after three years in the military (1942-1945), Kyle freelanced, working fairly often with Sy Oliver. He joined Louis Armstrong's All-Stars in 1953 and was there for nearly 13 years until his death. His playing with Armstrong, although appealing, tended to be very predictable. Billy Kyle had very few opportunities to record as a leader and none during his Armstrong years; just some octet and septet sides in 1937, two songs with a quartet in 1939, and outings in 1946 with a trio and an octet, 17 songs in all.

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)


Кайл Билли (14 июля 1914, Филадельфия - 23 февраля 1966) - американский джазовый музыкант (фортепиано). Представитель традиционного джаза, стиля свинг.


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