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     Wild Bill Davis

Born: Nov 24, 1918 in Glasgow, MO
Died: Aug 17, 1995 in Moorestown, NJ
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Swing
Instruments: Organ

Prior to the rise of Jimmy Smith in 1956, Wild Bill Davis was the pacesetters among organists. He actually played guitar and wrote arrangements for Milt Larkin's legendary band during 1939-42. Davis played piano with Louis Jordan's Tympany Five (1945-49) before switching to organ in 1950 and heading his own influential organ/guitar/drums trios. Davis was originally supposed to record "April in Paris" with Count Basie's Orchestra in 1955 but when he could not make the session, Basie used his arrangement for the full band and had a major hit. In addition to working with his own groups in the 1960s, Davis made several albums with his friend Johnny Hodges, leading to tours during 1969-71 with Duke Ellington. In the '70s he recorded for Black & Blue with a variety of swing all-stars and played with Lionel Hampton, appearing at festivals through the early '90s.

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Дэвис "Уайлд Билл" (р. 24 ноября 1918, Глазго, Миссури) - американский джазовый музыкант (фортепиано, орган, гитара), бэндлидер, композитор, аранжировщик. Представитель стилей свинг, ритм-энд-блюз.


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