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     Charlotte Wassy

Born within an artistic family, rocked with the traditional rhythms of Cameroon, but also different genres and backgrounds Music, Charlotte Wassy developed her musical ear very early. It is also at an early age that she feels quite naturally that her life will be dedicated to music, and that her main instrument to express it will be the voice.

Mixed because of her Franco-Cameroonian origins, she is also Metis inside of her being and inside of her heart as she claims it. Indeed, the young 28 years old composer loves to mix genres.Although born in France and having grown there, she is colored by Africa, its rhythms and melodies. But she is also absolutely in love with the notes called "blue" that we can find into Jazz music.

In general, the music she composes only comes from what she hears and feels deep inside. Finally asking herself few questions, and rather letting rhythms and melodies Charlotte Wassy sometimes dances on stage during the concerts allowing her body to also express her deepest feelings that "rumble" inside of her springing, Charlotte Wassy makes Ethnic colours and Jazz colours blending together.That is how she came to call her music: "Jazz Me'tisse' Instinctif"" (Instinctive Mixed Jazz)

Also author of her songs, she always sings songs that are filled with spirituality. In terms of training, she spreads her learning from conservatories to private lessons, going through theory, piano and drums.

Concerning her instrument, she really started to work on it later: first as an autodidact, and then taking various lessons.

Having, as she likes to say, as her lover Music and as her second lover Dance (that she cannot let apart), she decides at the age of 20 to include a professional Dance School, that she leaves four years later graduated in Jazz Dance.


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 Charlotte Wassy - 'Niam' - 2013, Gaya Music

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