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     Alessandro Bertoni

Alessandro Bertoni hails from Treviso in Italy. He took up classical piano at an early age before moving onto jazz and contemporary music whilst studying in Milan and Padua.

He spread his wings and moved to the high energy environment of Los Angeles where he attended the Musicians Institute and where now lives and works. His musical style has intense instrumental technicality well blended with jazz fusion to produce something where the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

Alessandro Bertoni first stepped onto the international prog stage with the instrumental band Aphelion, who released their debut album Franticode in 2008. The disc was mixed by Derek Sherinian, which became the start of a long-standing collaboration.

He worked with a variety of world class players he actually plays in a bunch of bands and works both a live/studio session player, and teacher.


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 Alessandro Bertoni - 'Keystone' - 2013, Generation Prog

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