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     Amanda Jenssen

Born: September 12, 1988 in Lund, Sweden
Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Pop Idol

Jenny Amanda Katarina Jenssen (born Bengtsson, September 12, 1988 in Lund, Sweden) is a Swedish performer who became famous after finishing second in the Swedish version of the popular talent show Idol after going head to head with Marie Picasso on December 7, 2007. Jenssen won 48.7% of the votes.

On the January 3, 2008, Jenssen announced that she had landed a record deal. Her first single "Do You Love Me?" was released in stores on January 23. The following single "Amarula Tree" (written by Jenssen and Pa"r Wiksten) was released on April 16, 2008.
The debut CD Killing My Darlings was released on the May 7, 2008. Some of the songs on the album are written by Marit Bergman and Vincent Pontare, but the rest is written by Amanda herself.

Amanda was the lead singer in the band "Oh Hollie Neverdays", but is now pursuing a solo career. Amanda has also worked with musicians like Daniel Miller from the band "Wild Bleeding Heart" and Elina Nelson, another former participant in Swedish Idol.


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 Amanda Jenssen - 'Happyland' - 2009, Epic, Sony
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 Amanda Jenssen - 'Killing My Darlings' - 2008, Epic

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