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Real Name: Elisabeth Beauvais

Born E'isabeth Beauvais (nicknamed "Babette" by her friends...) on February 22, 1948, Clothilde had a short but noteworthy career sprawling barely over the year 1967 with only two classic EPs and an italian only single. Nevertheless, she was the quintessence (along with Christine Pilzer) of Swingin' Mademoiselle's, all of her songs, co-authored mostly with arranger Jean-marie Di Maria and her manager, producer and all round mentor Germinal Tenas, are little masterpieces of black humor and double-entendres, making her in effect unique, sitting right on top of the French 60's Girl Pop pantheon.

She was the daughter of famous writer and journalist Robert Beauvais, an auteur and producer of numerous radio and television programs he would emcee with his wife (her mother!) Gisele Parry. Robert Beauvais was also known for writing theater plays and works of reflection in a humoristic mode (much like Sacha Guitry!). And Babette's mother Gisele, was another famous actress of british descent. Prestigious french actors like Michel Simon and Louis Jouvet were frequent visitors of the family house in the Paris suburbs of Montmorency...


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 Clothilde - 'Queen Of The French Swinging Mademoiselle 1967' - 1967, Born Bad

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