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Rudiger Baldauf:
...was born in Cologne, in 1961. After graduate recital and final examination in classical music, he started studying jazz, with focus on big band and lead trumpet. Today, he is one of the most versatile instrumentalists in his scene. He became known through numerous TV-productions. He is a constant guest musician in big bands of the WDR, SWR, HR and NDR, as well as for Paul Kuhn and Peter Herbolzheimer. At the moment, he is one of the members of the "TV Total" band, the Heavytones. Ru"diger Baldauf is going to give a trumpet workshop on June 22. in 2008, at the Popfarm.

Niels Klein:
was born in Hamburg in 1987, and grew up in Friesland. Since 1998, he's been living in Cologne. He's been a member of the Heavytones since 2000. The variously priced jazz saxophonist and composer is, furthermore, involved in many other projects. If you are interested in his music or new CD, you can learn more about it at www.niels-klein.com

Cesar Perez: Ce'sar was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1963, and has been living in Germany since 1997. Since autumn 2002, he's been a member of the Heavytones. He released his first own CD "Amigo inconditional", which has been in the charts for several weeks, in 2004. More information about Ce'sar and his CD can be found at www.cesarperez.de

The Band:The HEAVYTONES are probably the hardest working band on German television. Four times a week, they build the musical foundation of Stefan Raab's "TV Total". Through more than a thousand TV-shows, many live gigs, and studio productions, the band has been able to establish itself in Germany's musical landscape.


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www.ruedigerbaldauf.de/heavytones About
www.popfarm.de/heavytones-horns.html?&L=1 About
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 Heavytones - 'No1' - 2006, Rare, Warner Music

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