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     Clifford Jordan

Also Known As: Clifford Laconia Jordan
Born: September 2, 1931 in Chicago, IL
Died: March 27, 1993 in New York, NY
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Hard Bop Post-Bop Jazz Instrument Saxophone Jazz Modern Big Band

Clifford Jordan was a fine inside/outside player who somehow held his own with Eric Dolphy in the 1964 Charles Mingus Sextet. Jordan had his own sound on tenor almost from the start. He gigged around Chicago with Max Roach, Sonny Stitt, and some R&B groups before moving to New York in 1957. Jordan immediately made a strong impression, leading three albums for Blue Note (including a meeting with fellow tenor John Gilmore) and touring with Horace Silver (1957-1958), J.J. Johnson (1959-1960), Kenny Dorham (1961-1962), and Max Roach (1962-1964). After performing in Europe with Mingus and Dolphy, Jordan worked mostly as a leader but tended to be overlooked since he was not overly influential or a pacesetter in the avant-garde. A reliable player, Clifford Jordan toured Europe several times, was in a quartet headed by Cedar Walton in 1974-1975, and during his last years, led a big band. He recorded as a leader for Blue Note, Riverside, Jazzland, Atlantic (a little-known album of Leadbelly tunes), Vortex, Strata-East, Muse, SteepleChase, Criss Cross, Bee Hive, DIW, Milestone, and Mapleshade.

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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  как основной исполнитель ...
 Clifford Jordan - 'Bearcat' - 1962, OJC, Jazzland
 Clifford Jordan - 'Cliff Craft' - 1957, Blue Note
 Clifford Jordan - 'Mosaic' - 1961, Milestone
 Clifford Jordan - 'Two Tenor Winner' - 1984, Criss Cross
  как основной соисполнитель ...
 Cedar Walton - 'The Pentagon' - 1976, Inner City
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 Paul Chambers - 'Chambers Music: A Jazz Delegation From The East' - 1957, Blue Note
 Paul Chambers - 'Paul Chambers Quintet' - 1957, Blue Note
 Sonny Clark - 'Cool Struttin'' - 1958, Blue Note
 Eric Dolphy - 'Iron Man' - 1999, Restless
 Eric Dolphy - 'Music Matador' - 1998, Jazz Hour
 Art Farmer - 'Blame It On My Youth' - 1988, Contemporary
 Art Farmer - 'Ph.D.' - 1989, Contemporary
 Andrew Hill - 'Shades' - 1986, Soul Note
 J.J. Johnson - 'J.J. Inc' - 1960, Columbia, Legacy
 Charles Mingus - 'Cornell 1964' - 1964, Blue Note
 Charles Mingus - 'Goodbye Pork Pie Hat' - 1964, Ars Nova
 Charles Mingus - 'Mingus In Europe' - 1964, Enja
 Lee Morgan - 'Take Twelve' - 1962, OJC, JazzLand
 Max Roach - 'Speak, Brother, Speak!' - 1962, Fntasy, Артель 'Восточный ветер'
 Horace Silver - 'Further Explorations' - 1958, Blue Note
 Mal Waldron - 'What It Is' - 1981, Enja
 Cedar Walton - 'Spectrum' - 1969, Prestige Records
 Joe Zawinul - 'The Rise & Fall Of The Third Stream. Money In The Pocket' - 1994, Rhino, Atlantic

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