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     Big Time Operator

Big Time Operator, take that stand. Big Time Operator swing that band. They've got a rhythm steaming hot. They're gonna put you on the spot. Big Time Operator is a 1940's style jump swing band. They have one of the most authentic sounds around.

Most of the songs that they do are covers. Lots of them are Cab Calloway tunes. They do happen to play a few of their own songs. The majority of their own songs are written by their trombone player, Shannon Dailey. He also sings a few of his own.

Members: Warren Lovell - vocals, Rick Cunningham - guitar, Mike Holguin - drums, Darren Plies - bass, Jamie Tobitt - trumpet, Mike "Bogie" Bogart - trumpet, Shannon Dailey - trombone, Jim Weiss - alto sax, Dick McGuane - tenor sax, Terry Chesson - bari sax

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 Big Time Operator - 'High Altitude Swing' - 1998, Big Time Operator

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