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     Jim Rotondi

Aliases: James Robert Rotondi
Born: August 28, 1962 in Butte, MT
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Post-Bop, Straight-Ahead Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Trumpet Jazz

Trumpeter Jim Rotondi is a solid post-bop musician with a warm tone and an improvisational approach deeply steeped in the tradition of great jazz trumpeters. While the Butte, Montana native began piano lessons with his mother at age eight, it was the trumpet that became his main instrument from age 12 on. After graduating high school in 1980, Rotondi enrolled in the highly regarded jazz studies program at North Texas State University. In 1984, he earned first place in the International Trumpet Guild's jazz trumpet competition. Post-college, Rotondi toured with various ensembles including the Lionel Hampton Orchestra and Charles Earland's quintet. Eventually settling in New York City, Rotondi established himself as a mainstay in the city's vibrant jazz club scene. In 1997, Rotondi joined forces with saxophonist Eric Alexander and drummer Joe Farnsworth to form the jazz super-group One For All. That same year, he released his debut album, Introducing Jim Rotondi on the Dutch label Criss Cross. His 2004 release, New Vistas is his fifth release on the label and his seventh career solo album.

- Matt Collar (All Music Guide)

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 Jim Rotondi - 'Four Of A Kind' - 2008, Posi-Tone Records
 Jim Rotondi - 'Iron Man' - 2006, Criss Cross
 Jim Rotondi - 'Live At Smalls' - 2010, Smallslive
 Jim Rotondi - 'Reverence' - 2001, Criss Cross
 Jim Rotondi - 'The Move' - 2010, Criss Cross
  как соисполнитель ...
 Toshiko Akiyoshi - 'Hiroshima: Rising From The Abyss' - 2003, True Life Entertainment
 Charles Earland - 'Keepers Of The Flame' - 2002, HighNote
 Kyle Eastwood - 'Paris Blue' - 2005, Rendezvous Entertainment
 One For All - 'Blueslike' - 2004, Criss Cross
 One For All - 'Killer Joe' - 2006, Tokuma Records
 One For All - 'The End Of A Love Affair' - 2003, Venus Jazz
 One For All - 'What's Going On?' - 2009, Tokuma Records

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