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     Ferenc Snetberger

Genres: Jazz
Styles: Post-Bop, Jazz Instrument, Guitar Jazz

Ferenc Snetberger was born to a Gypsy family in Hungary in 1957). His father, a talented guitarist, introduced the younger Snetberger to music very early on. When Ferenc Snetberger was 13, he began to study classical guitar at a music school. While attending the school, he entered a number of classical competitions and won several notable awards. Besides the demands of school and competitions, Snetberger took jobs performing at bars and at special occasions, which offered him both the chance to earn money and the opportunity to try a wide assortment of musical styles on his audiences, everything from jazz to gypsy.

Snetberger moved to Berlin in 1987. After being inspired by jazz artists like Jim Hall and Wes Montgomery, Snetberger decided to attend the Budapest Conservatory and study jazz guitar. He never left his classical or Gypsy roots behind though, and those styles and a rich rhythm all beautifully flavor his exceptional jazz performances.

In 1994, Snetberger saw the release of his debut album, Signature, under the ENJA Records label. Within a couple of years, it was followed by album number two, The Budapest Concert. The work received good reviews with tracks such as "Tangoa Free," "Springtime in Winter," and "Brazil."

To work on his next recording, Snetberger joined forces with samba player Charlie Byrd from the United States and guitarist Laurindo Almeida from Brazil. The album Obsession, with its jazz and bossa-oriented tunes like "I Remember" and "Wanton Spirit," was released in 1997. Over the years, Snetberger has also worked with Kruno Levacic, David Friedman, Martin Gjakonovski, Elemer Balazs, and many other artists.

- Charlotte Dillon (All Music Guide)

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