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     David Wells

David has shared the same platform with some of the top artist's in the industry: Warren Hill, Najee, Matt Marshak, Jeff Kawshiwa, Nick Colione, Ken Navarro, Tim Bowman, Michael Lington, Brian Simpson, Blake Aaron, Nils, Greg Adams, Marion Meadows, Jackien Joyner, etc...

David Wells, a gifted Flugelhorn / Trumpet player from a small town in West Virginia has been living his dream as a full time musician for 10 years. Since the age of nine, David began learning the Flugelhorn and Trumpet with his professional debut at the age of thirteen. Heavily influenced by Kenny G, Dave Koz and Rick Braun. David evolved into an instrumentalist soloist with the capability of reaching his audiences on an intimate level.

David started playing the trumpet at the age of 9 years old
At the age of 13 David was on his first album
September 5th 2011 David released his 10th CD "Light"
September 5th 2011 David's new single "Move" was #1 "Most Added" song across the country on the following charts: Neilson Chart, Media Guide Chart & Smooth Jazz.Com
September 5th 2011 David's latest single was #1 with most spin increase on Smooth Jazz.Com
November 2nd, 2011 David's new single "Move" Hit #20 on the "Billboard National Chart" under "Contemporary Jazz"
November 1st on Smooth Jazz.Com "Top 50" David's latest single climbed to #9, and on the "Indie" chart hit #4
October 2011 David will be releasing his new Christmas CD Featuring Steve Oliver
David is the CEO / Founder of Chocolate Jazz Foundation Inc.
David has a two hour radio show called "Chocolate Jazz Radio w/ David Wells & Friends", now on 10 FM radio stations across the country
October 2011 David started a 24/7 Smooth Jazz Internet Station called "Chocolate Jazz Radio.Com
David is currently endorsed by Conn/Selmer, the largest manufacturing company for band instruments

Wells share's his musical gift with the release of eight CD's and with approximately 200 shows per year. In 2006, the release of "More Love, More Power," brought national acclaim on smooth jazz radio and reached #13 on the R&R indicators. Additionally, his performance of Strawberry Letter #23 was charted at #10 in early 2007.

David's career soared in 2007 after moving to #10 on the R&R indicators, and becoming endorsed with Conn and Selmer. His television and sports appearances included airing in Columbus Blue Jackets on ESPN2 and performing for the Cincinnati Reds. David Wells was also featured in several Christian music magazines and networks, WTAP- TV's (NBC) "Daybreak," and numerous Christian conferences.

In 2007, David's career has expanded to include a guest appearance on the national television show "Studio Jams" which has over 10 million viewers on the "BET Station". In November 2007, he was an entertainer aboard the luxurious Sovereign of the Seas, a smooth jazz cruise.

In 2008 David was off to a strong start signing with Nuance Music Group based out of Long Island, NY., then the release of Friday Afternoon. This full length album was released in February 2008. "Friday Afternoon"is a collection of originals instrumental pieces, which reaches out and touches the listener's heart and soul.

David's music is so engaging his holiday single, "Deck The Halls" hit #1 as the most added single on Smooth Jazz Radio Stations Nationwide in 2007, 2008, 2009. He also hit #8 in the Top 10 most spin increase listing Nationwide.

Since 2008 David came out with two more CD's "Skyline," produced by Matt Marshak and "Midnight Cruise."

In 2011 David came out strong with his new CD "Light," which was released on September 5th 2011. David's first single "Move" reached #1 Most Added song across the country on all three major charts.


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 David Wells - 'More Love More Power' - 2010, DWP
 David Wells - 'No Side Effects' - 2013, Timeless World

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