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     Buddy Banks

Alvin "Buddy" Banks (born January 15, 1927) was a jazz double-bassist. He was born in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

Banks grew up in the United States, and traveled to Europe with the U.S. military in 1948. His first appearance on record was in Vienna with Thurmond Young; this group also played live at the Colored Club. He played in Paris with Gerry Wiggins in 1950, and then with Bill Coleman in Berne, Switzerland, Belgium, and Le Havre, France. After problems with his passport in Switzerland, he left for Paris in 1953, where he recorded often with expatriate American jazz musicians as well as local performers. These include Hazel Scott, Buck Clayton, Lionel Hampton, Mezz Mezzrow, Don Byas, Albert Nicholas, and Andre Persiany. He toured with Michel Attenoux and with Sidney Bechet through Western and Central Europe in 1954.

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