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     Heinz Sauer

German saxophonist, born 25 December 1932 in Merseburg, Germany.

Heinz Sauer - saxophone legend and cornerstone of German jazz - was born in 1932 in Merseburg. Since 1960 he has been saxophonist and composer for the Jazz Ensemble of Hessicher Rundfunk in Frankfurt. From 1960 to 1978 he was a member of the Albert Mangelsdorff Quartet and Quintet, and in 1968 was a member of the German All Stars. In 1974 he formed his first own line-up, Voices. The obvious individuality and artistic intensity of his saxophone playing and his compositions have allowed Sauer to go his own individual way. For this he was recognized by the award of the Jazz Prize of the region of Hessen and in 1999 by the Albert Mangelssdorf Prize.


Хайнц Сауэр (Heinz Sauer, род. 25.12.1932) - немецкий джазовый тенор-, сопрано-саксофонист.

Сотрудничал с Albert Mangelsdorff, Hans Ludemann, Stephan Schmolck, Christopher Dell, Michael Wollny, Globe Unity Orchestra, Volker Kriegel, Makaya Ntshoko и другими.

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 Heinz Sauer - 'Certain Beauty' - 2006, ACT
 Heinz Sauer - 'Cherry Bat' - 1994, Enja
 Heinz Sauer - 'Don't Explain' - 2012, ACT
 Heinz Sauer - 'The Journey' - 2008, ACT
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 George Adams - 'Sound Suggestions' - 1979, ECM

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