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     Michael Lington

Born: Jun 11, 1969 in Copenhagen, Denmark
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Crossover Jazz, Smooth Jazz

A native of Denmark, saxophonist Michael Lington is a purveyor of contemporary jazz. The grandson of well-known Danish band leader Otto Lington - an early proponent of jazz in Scandinavia - Lington began performing at a young age as a member of the world-renowned Tivoli Boys Guard. His involvement with the prestigious orchestra earned him a musical education which he later pursued at college. After finishing his degree, he ran his own recording studio while touring throughout Europe. Lington moved to Los Angeles in 1990, where - with the assistance of musician/producer Mark Schulman - he became heavily involved with the contemporary jazz scene, soon performing regularly with vocalist Bobby Caldwell. His self-titled debut album was released on NuGroove Records.

- Matt Collar (All Music Guide)

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