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     Huong Thanh

Born: 1958 in Saigon, Vietnam
Genres: Jazz
Instruments: Vocals

Vietnamese vocalist Huong Thanh rose to fame in the new millennium as her nation's premier jazz talent. Thanh was brought up in a musical household steeped in the cai luong tradition. Mentored by her father, famed vocalist Huu Phuoc, Thanh was trained in the complex musical style blending the demands of a complex tonal language with operatic expression and storytelling. She studied formally in Saigon, beginning at age 13. By 16 Thanh had taken the stage in her first of many cai luong productions. Touring throughout Europe matured Thanh as a musician, and offered opportunities to be exposed to different musical styles. Thanh often returned to Vietnam, recording with some of the nation's most renowned talents. On one such trip she was introduced to guitarist Nguyen Le, who introduced her to the world of jazz. Thanh joined Le's Tales from Vietnam project, which toured Europe extensively and released highly acclaimed material exploring traditional Vietnamese music with jazz sensibilities. In 1999 Thanh applied the valuable experience she gained with Tales from Vietnam to her solo career. Moon and Wind, her debut disc, was released by the ACT label that year, to rave reviews. With each release that followed, Thanh earned a larger audience for her special brand of jazz. Following Dragonfly (2001) and Mangustao (2004), Huong Thanh's fourth disc, Fragile Beauty, was released in 2007. The album peaked at number two on World Music Charts Europe, generating Thanh's strongest sales yet.

- Evan C. Gutierrez (All Music Guide)

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