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     Joyce Breach

Born: Feb 27, 1944 in Alameda, CA
Genres: Jazz, Vocal
Styles: Vocal Jazz, Torch Songs, Cabaret

Critics have described Joyce Breach's vocalizing as everything from peachy to warm honey. She's allured crowds to supper clubs for first-hand experiences from New York to San Francisco. Breach grew up listening to and admiring Rosemary Clooney, Doris Day, Peggy Lee, Judy Garland, Sarah Vaughan, Abbey Lincoln, and Frank Sinatra; noting their phrasing and inflections, but not to the point of cloning, she has her own indelible style. Born in Alameda, CA, she was raised in Kansas City, MO. She settled in Pittsburgh, PA, after attending West Virginia University. The singer made a name for herself in the '80s and enjoyed a loyal following in Steel Town before relocating to the Big Apple, where she has made even bigger strides wowing audiences and reviewers at some of Manhattan's top clubs. Her no nonsense, unfrilled vocals have been recorded extensively by Audiophile Records, which issued her first CD, Confessions, in 1990; Breach's other discs include Lovers After All (with Richard Rodney Bennett), Songbird, Nothing But Blue Skies, This Moment (with William Roy and John Loehrke), Reel Songs, and Love Is the Thing (with Roy); she's also featured on Loonis McGlohon & Friends' A Christmas Memory. A talented songwriter, she often collaborates with pianist/arranger Keith Ingham when she isn't recording pop's classiest classics. Ingham usually accompanies her live appearances in the New York area. Critics from Max Preeo to Rex Reed have lauded the singer's attributes.

- Andrew Hamilton (All Music Guide)

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 Joyce Breach - 'Confessions' - 1991, Audiophile Records

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