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     Ensemble Kantika

The vocal ensemble KANTIKA is specialized in mediaeval repertoire. Kantika has contributed to the revival of the music from this period by the lively interpretation of their singers, each with her own personality and artistic potential.

Concerts invite the listeners to a journey into the past, into the universe of a mediaeval monastery, a cathedral or a royal court where time flowed more slowly, according to different rhythms where one sang incessantly the praises of God and Love.

KANTIKA connects both, a historical approach to the original manuscripts and a vocal research enriched by each singer's personal background. Sacred music is performed in its liturgical context, the historical order of the office being respected. Different versions of the same chants are compared; later versions notated on lines help to read the older ones. All our programmes are performed from facsimile editions.

Although the ensemble never exceeds chamber size, for some of our programmes, we invite different musicians playing the lute, the rebec, flutes or percussion instruments.

In the years to come, KANTIKA wants to continue their co-operation with contemporary composers; this started in 2005, with the first commissions by Thierry Machuel, Pascal Diez and Hans van Zijp. In 2006, the film music composer Jean-Michel Oberland made an arrangement of an extract from Carl Orff's Carmina Burana. This year the Swiss composer Caroline Charriere writes a new piece for the ensemble.


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 Ensemble Kantika - 'Estel De Mar: Llibre Vermell De Monserrat' - 2009, Christophoru

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