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     Fulbert De Chartres

Fulbert de Chartres (c.960-1028) was a poet & composer, a bishop, and a widely known scholar. On this recording, his monophonic Latin works are performed along with later (XI-XIII centuries) polyphonic works based on them.


Fulbert of Chartres (French: Fulbert de Chartres; 952-970 -10 April 1028) was the bishop of the Cathedral of Chartres from 1006 till 1028. He was a teacher at the Cathedral school there, he was responsible for the advancement of the celebration of the Feast day of "Nativity of the Virgin", and he was responsible for one of the many reconstructions of the Cathedral. Most of the information we have about him is found in the letters he wrote from 1004-1028, to both secular and religious figures of the day.

There is no conclusive evidence as to the exact date or location of Fulbert's birth, the sources vary from 952-970. As to his place of birth the majority of information places it in northern France, possibly Picardy, although some say northern Italy. The sources do agree however that he was of humble birth. Information from several sources place him at the Cathedral school in Rheims in the 980's, where one of his fellow students was the future King Robert II (the Pious) of France. In the early to mid 990's Fulbert arrived in and began his involvement with the Cathedral school there. His position is variously described as schoolmaster or assistant at the school. He also assumed some minor ecclesiastical roles in the Cathedral but he was not a monk. In 1004 he became deacon and in 1006 he was appointed the Bishop of Chartres. He remained as Bishop until his death on April 10, 1028 or 1029, again the sources vary, but the majority seem to settle on 1028. There is some dispute over Filbert's "Sainthood", which rises from his contemporaries describing him as having a saintly nature, and this was carried on by others after his death. Fulbert was never officially canonized by the Church, but permission was given by Rome for the diocese of Chartres and Poitiers to celebrate his life on April 10.

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 Fulbert De Chartres - 'Chantre De L'an Mil' - 1994, Harmonia mundi

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