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KLEZMOFOBIA is Bjarke Kolerus (clarinets), Ole Reimer (trumpet), Andreas Ugorskij (guitars), Jesper Lund (basbalaleika), Jonatan Aisen (drums) and Channe Nussbaum (vocals).

KLEZMOFOBIA started playing together in 2004
In 2006 they released their debut album "Tantz!"
In 2007 the album won an award for "Danish World Music Album of the Year"

Bjarke Kolerus (clarinets)
Ole Reimer (trumpet)
Andreas Ugorskij (guitars)
Jesper Lund (double bass balalaika)
Jonatan Aisen (drums)
Channe Nussbaum (vocal)

Bjarke Kolerus (clarinets), actually almost finished a classical education - but with his raw personal playing style on the clarinet and vast knowledge of the klezmer tradition he seems to have forgotten almost everything they taught him. Clarinet professor at the national higher education of folk music. Lives and performs together with Channe Nussbaum.

Ole Reimer (trumpet, flugelhorn), has always been known to carry a trumpet around everywhere. Living with a mexican singer he has made the tequila trumpet playing a lifestyle.

Andreas Ugorskij (guitars) has a heritage from a celeber jewish musicians family from the town Vitebst in Ukraine. He can?t really decide if he is a rock guitarist or virtous gipsy jazz player or experimental film music composer - so he usually plays everything at the same time at any given Klezmofobia gig.

Jesper Lund, (double bass balalaika), raised with partly russian folk music in the Pavlovski Balalaika Orchestra and march drumming in the Tivoli Marching Band. He is also an accomplished troubadour and composer - and then he has the biggest balalaika of them all!

Jonatan Aisen (drums), a born to be rockn?roller with a jewish background he was always into the funk. Until he discovered the klezmer... Channe Nussbaum is his aunt.

Channe Nussbaum (vocal), scandinavian queen of klezmer. Well-known and respected on the scandinavian and international klezmer and scene. Producer on the first album and now a permanent member of the band. When the rest of the bandmembers was still playing in the school yard, she was on the danish music scene performing pop, rock, jazz and klezmer for a long time.


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 Klezmofobia - 'Ganze Velt' - 2008, Tiger Records (Denmark)
 Klezmofobia - 'Tantz!' - 2008, Tiger Records (Denmark)

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