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     Ensemble Venance Fortuna

The Ensemble Venance Fortunat is a mixed group of professional singers specialising in performing "a aapella", i.e. without instrumental accompaniment.

Its repertory is based on the sacred songs of the West from the 6th to the 13th c. , which historians of music are still actively researching. The group is interested in the influence this traditional repertory may have had on composers over the centuries and up to the present day. Its practice is to adapt its renderings 'to the places where it performs, making as great a use as possible of natural accoustics and endeavouring to preserve these in recordings without doctoring or editing in the studio.

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www.scc-csc.gc.ca/court-cour/ju/deschamps/index-eng.asp About Marie Deschamps
es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ensemble_Venance_Fortunat About from 'wikipedia'
www.venance-fortunat.org Personal website
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 Ensemble Venance Fortuna - 'De Profundi: Deplorations Sacrees De La Tradition Occidentale' - 1986, Solstice

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