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     David Friedman

Born: Mar 10, 1944 in New York, NY
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Modern Creative, Contemporary Instrumental, Post-Bop, Jazz Instrument, Vibraphone/Marimba Jazz, Fusion
Instruments: Marimba, Percussion, Vibraphone

Vibist and marimba player David Friedman has recorded and played extensively since the early '70s. He studied drums in the mid-'50s, and marimba and xylophone in the '60s. Friedman attended Juilliard, with his major emphasis percussion. He also was tutored by Teddy Charles and Hall Overton. Friedman played with The New York Philharmonic and Metropolitan Operas in the '60s, then worked with Wayne Shorter, Horace Silver, Joe Chambers, Hubert Laws and Horacee Arnold in the '70s. After touring and participating in Ludwig Drum Co. workshops with Dave Samuels, Friedman and Samuels formed The Mallet Duo in 1975 and co-led the quartet Double Image from 1977 to 1980. Friedman recorded with Daniel Humair in 1979 and Chet Baker in 1982. He was an instructor at New York's Manhattan School of Music and Montreux's Institute for Advanced Musical Studies in the mid-'70s.

- Ron Wynn (All Music Guide)

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 Hubert Laws - 'In The Beginning' - 1974, CTI Records
 Michel Portal - 'Any Way' - 1993, Label Bleu

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