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     Will Boulware

Will Boulware was born on July 6, 1952 in Bardstown, Kentucky. His father played the guitar and sang cowboy songs and his mother still sings very well. The Boulware family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina then Atlanta, Georgia where Will started playing the piano at age five.

At age 10, Will bought a set of drums and formed his first group "Wee Willy & The Winks" in which he played drums doing surf music until 13 when he traded in the drums for his first electric keyboard and started to listen to Jimmy Smith and his father's Erroll Garner and Dave Brubeck records. When he was fourteen, he was already in an R&B group performing. He also played the organ in a trio he formed and started performing his own compositions. By 1972, his songs were recorded by B.B. King. In 1973, he turned 21 and went to New York where he mainly worked doing recording sessions in commercial field.

In the 80?s, Will lived in California doing some solo piano gigs and working with guitarists such as Scott Henderson, Phil Upchurch and Ron Eschete. By 1990, Will moved back to NYC where he started working with the late Phyllis Hyman and still doing some session work before starting in 1993, a 10-year organ stint with saxophonist Maceo Parker and touring with The Blues Brothers (1998), John Scofield (1999) and Carla Bley (2000). He also performed on Rodney Jones recordings and others.


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 Will Boulware - 'Summertime' - 2007, Village Rec (Japan)
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 Gerald Albright - 'Live At Birdland West' - 1991, Atlantic
 B.B. King - 'Indianola Mississippi Seeds. Friends' - G&P Music
 Maceo Parker - 'D.I.A.L Maceo' - 2000, Esc Records
 Maceo Parker - 'Funk Overload' - 1998, What Are Records

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