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     Ruth Dolores Weiss

Born: February 23, 1978 in Ashkelon, Israel

Ruth Dolores Weiss is an Israeli singer and piano player.She released her critically acclaimed debut album, "Come See (Raw Versions)," in 2004, which included songs in English and instrumental piano pieces (all but one of which were written and composed by Ruth), and immediately gained a loyal fan base who attended her shows and eagerly anticipated subsequent works.

After a long wait, Ruth released an all-Hebrew album, called "Be'Ivrit" (Hebrew for "In Hebrew", appropriately), in September 2008 on Anova records. The album was terrifically received by both media and fans, receiving all around five star reviews and appearing on many year's-best lists. Ruth did a short tour of Israel in support of the album, and all shows were sold out, in some cases weeks in advance.

The new album was again mostly written and composed by Ruth, and includes one cover to a popular Israeli folk song, combining her passion for the dark side of Tom Waits, and Nick Cave, with her amazing abilities as a tough pianist (a-la Diamanda Gallas) who deliver her songs in a jazz-blues delivery, in the paths of Karen Dalton and Billy Holiday.

This Blues atmosphere was present in her previous album as well, but here it is presented with an added shade of desert, hot and ripe. The album was arranged and produced by Ruth together with Yehu Yaron and Ofir Vander, on double bass and keyboards respectively.


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 Ruth Dolores Weiss - 'Be'Ivrit' - 2008, Anova

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