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     Petra Van Nuis

Petra van Nuis (Paytra van Nouse) is a jazz vocalist based in Chicago since 2004. Inspired by such greats as Peggy Lee, Chris Connor, Lucy Ann Polk, Chet Baker, Billie Holiday, and Beverly Kenney (just to name a few!), she opts for a straightforward swinging delivery with an emphasis on feeling. Relying only on the deep belief in the music she sings, her approach is simple and without affectation. Her warm intimate sound has just a touch of breathiness. Petra is a true romantic and the timeless music of the Great American Songbook is what inspires her creatively. She enjoys unearthing obscure songs and her extensive repertoire is both impressive and unique. While steeped in tradition, Petra expresses her originality in the best sense of the word, by being true to herself. This sincerity is felt by audiences and musicians alike. Petra is a musicians' singer who would rather focus on the music than on the spotlight. Wherever she sings, Petra connects with people.


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 Andy Brown - 'Far Away Places' - 2009, String Damper

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