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     Lisa Maxwell

Lisa Anne Maxwell is an Australian rock/pop/alternative artist from Benalla, North East Victoria, Australia. To date she has released on EP ("Bad Day", 2005, a single, "Never Coming Back Here Again", 2005, and one album ("Select Vacancy", 2006).

Signed to an Arts Victoria funded music project titled "The Bent Incubator" in 2003, Lisa received radio airplay with her track "Say What I Mean", which featured on the compilation. This resulted in a three album deal with producer and former Bent Records boss Jamie Durrant's label, Essential Music Australia.

Lisa Maxwell's debut EP "Bad Day", released in 2005, spawned the popular instrumental track "Harmonic Rock", which received high rotation on Australia's national music video show Rage. This clip, along with her subsequent music videos have been featured on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's "Video On Demand" site, which presents clips from a select few artists each week. Lisa Maxwell's music has received airplay the UK, Japan, USA, and Canada as well as across Australian radio. The song "Harmonic Rock" is now the theme music for "The Bleeding Edge", Australia's first all girl Indie Music Podcast.

A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Lisa Maxwell has performed a variety of instruments on her recordings, including lead and rhythm guitar, bass guitar, Wurlitzer, dulcimer and piano, as well as engineered and co-produced. She has also engineered sessions for Lillian Thoms and Lelu. Screenshot from Lisa Maxwell's "Anna" video

In 2007 Lisa Maxwell produced a video clip for her single "Anna" that she directed herself. A friend of Lisa's, Jasmine Billingsley who is also a singer/songwriter from Benalla starred in the film clip as the character "Anna" where she walked around Benalla in a black and white cutout mask. The video was voted number one the eaTV Most Wanted viewer chart in July 2007.

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 Lisa Maxwell - 'Return To Jazz Standards' - 2010, Prophone

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