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     Laila Dalseth

Born: Nov 6, 1940 in Norway
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Mainstream Jazz, Vocal Jazz

Norway is famous for fjords, northern lights, Edvard Grieg and for two very good jazz singers, Karen Krog and Laila Dalseth. In 1954, Dalseth began her singing career at the age of 14 in her home town of Bergen. Moving from her home of Bergen to Oslo in 1960, Dalseth began a career which resulted in her performing and recording with some of the most prominent European and American jazz artists. She has made solo albums with Al Cohn, Milt Hinton, Red Mitchell, Bucky Pizzarelli, Louis Stewart and Phillip Catherine for Norway's Gemini Records. She has appeared as a guest on albums of Arne Domnerus, Bengt Hallberg and her husband, saxophone player Totti Bergh. During the 1980's and 1990's she was featured at important jazz events including Playboy's, the Caribbean and Sacramento festivals where she appeared with Major Wholley, Flip Phillips, Roger Kellaway, Frank Capp, Jim Hughart, Nat Pierce and modernist Per Husby among others. Dalseth has been awarded the prestigious Norwegian "Spellenmannprisen" on three different occasions for outstanding jazz performing. The Norwegian Jazz Society has also honored her with their "Buddy" Award. Celebrating her 40th anniversary as a jazz artist, Dalseth's ability to be at ease with several jazz styles, combined with her sensitive, discerning interpretations of standard and non-standard material keep this fine singer at the apex of the Scandinavian jazz scene.

- Dave Nathan (All Music Guide)

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 Laila Dalseth - 'One Of A Kind' - 2000, Gemini
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