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     Kevin Hays

Born: May 1, 1968 in New York City

A talented pianist, Kevin Hays grew up in Connecticut and started lessons when he was seven. He made his recording debut with Nick Brignola; toured with the Harper Brothers (1989-1990); and worked with Joshua Redman, Benny Golson, Donald Harrison, Roy Haynes, and Joe Henderson, among others. Kevin Hays recorded three albums with Bob Belden, and in 1994 cut his first record as a leader, Seventh Sense (Blue Note).

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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  как основной исполнитель ...
 Kevin Hays - 'Andalucia' - 1997, Blue Note
 Kevin Hays - 'For Heaven's Sake' - 2006, Jazz Eyes
 Kevin Hays - 'Piano Works III: Open Range' - 2005, ACT
 Kevin Hays - 'Seventh Sense' - 1994, Blue Note
 Kevin Hays - 'Sweet Ear' - 1994, SteepleChase
 Kevin Hays - 'Ugly Beauty' - 1994, SteepleChase
 Kevin Hays - 'You've Got A Friend' - 2007, Jazz Eyes
  как соисполнитель ...
 Bob Belden - 'Straight To My Heart: The Music Of Sting' - 1991, Blue Note
 Don Braden - 'Landing Zone' - 1995, Landmark
 Richie Cole - 'The Kush: Music Of Dizzy Gillespie' - 1994, Heads Up
 Tim Hagans - 'Animation. Imagination' - 1999, Blue Note
 Eddie Henderson - 'Dark Shadows' - 1995, Milestone
 Eddie Henderson - 'Oasis' - 2001, Sirocco Jazz
 Eddie Henderson - 'Precious Moment' - 2006, Kind Of Blue
 Eddie Henderson - 'ReEmergence' - 1999, Sharp Nine
 Brad Mehldau - 'Modern Music' - 2011, Nonesuch
 Nicholas Payton - 'Sonic Trance' - 2003, Warner Bros.
 Chris Potter - 'Sundiata' - 1995, Criss Cross
 Chris Potter - 'Traveling Mercies' - 2002, Verve, Universal

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