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     Jheena Lodwick

Jheena is a very talented performer who is also a distinguished musician. She can play the piano in her show and it soon becomes clear that her show is a very special act. Hailing from the Philippines she has played in high class Hotels in Hong Kong and other countries in the world. Her range of material is suitable for most choices of persuasions and is capable of entertaining audiences at the very highest level. Jheena speaks English, Philippino (Tagalog), also a little Spanish and Cantonese.

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 Jheena Lodwick - 'All My Loving. Vol. 1' - 2004, JVC
 Jheena Lodwick - 'Feelings. Vol. 2' - 2004, JVC
 Jheena Lodwick - 'Getting To Know You. Vol. 3' - 2005, JVC
 Jheena Lodwick - 'Singing In The Rain. Vol. 4' - 2007, JVC

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