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     Grace Mahya

I'm a jazz singer and pianist. I started learning classical piano at the age of 3. Continued to study under many pianists, and went on to study further in Germany at the music university of Freiburg. I lived in Germany for 6-7 years, and as I was back in Japan, I fell in love with "Jazz" and "BLUES". It struck my heart. It felt like a puzzle fit right in place. (Not squeezing the similar pieces in the slot!!) Oh what freedom!

So there was my first album October 2006 "The Look of Love", and a new name "Grace Mahya". "Grace" because my producer at the time Yasohachi Itoh '88' adores Grace Kelly. And "Mahya" is my real name. People ask me what should I call you? Grace ? Mahya? Yeah.... good question. 'Whichever' would be my honest answer. They are both first names!!

Then comes my second album in February 2007. "Last live at DUG". It is a live recording of a christmas concert 2006 and the last live performance at DUG. It was an amazing night, brings me right back to that night when I hear this.

My third album, October 2007 "Just the two of us". A very funky album in all kinds of style. And my newest album came out July 2008, "The girl from Ipanema". Mainly Bossa Nova, for the 50th anniversary of Bossa Nova. It was quite a challenge with the language. English and French I learned in school, German I learned in Germany but Portuguese is a language I always wanted to learn but never got to. Hopefully soon!


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 Grace Mahya - 'Last Recording At DUG' - 2007, Sony

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