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     Geir Lysne

The composer, musician and conductor Geir Lysne was born in 1965 in Trondheim, Norway. Currently he resides in Asker, a suburb close to Oslo.

In addition to his "Geir Lysne Ensemble", which is increasingly gaining recognition outside of Norway, Geir works at the University of Oslo as a lecturer and teacher of Jazz.

He's educated from the "Norwegian Academy of Music', with jazz saxophone and composition as main subjects. In 2006 'Boahjenasti' won the German critics award, and was nominated to 'Danish Music Award Jazz' as well. With the "Oslo Groove Company", he won the "Norwegian Grammy" already back in 1992. After being awarded several grants between 2001 and 2003 he received the states "working scholarship for composers" in 2004.

After a childhood strongly influenced by the musical establishment and education at various musical institutions as a composer, arranger and musician, Geir has emerged as a major figure with the Big Bands and Wind Ensembles, and additionally as part of the Norwegian classical orchestra scene. Geir Lysne has worked with orchestras such as; "The Radio Big Band" of the "NDR" (Norddeutscher Rundfunk), "The Hessischer Rundfunk Big Band", "Kluevers Big Band" in Denmark, and "The Norwegian wind ensemble", "Kristiansand wind ensemble", all five of the professional military orchestras.

Lysne's compositions has been played on the radio and TV in over 30 countries. He has also received coverage from many publications including, "Die Welt", "Jazz podium", "Deutschlandfunk" and "3sat".


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 Geir Lysne - 'Aurora Borealis - Nordic Lights: Suite For Jazz Orchestra' - 2002, ACT
 Geir Lysne - 'Boahjenasti: The North Star' - 2003, ACT
 Geir Lysne - 'Korall' - 2003, ACT
 Geir Lysne - 'The Grieg Code' - 2009, ACT

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