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     Angela McCluskey

Trying to describe Angela McCluskey in words is not the easiest thing to do. If you've met her, or seen her live, you'll understand.

As a person, Angela is a force of nature. When she walks into a room, all eyes turn as lights dim and lit candles suddenly appear. You just get this feeling she's bringing a different century with her; a time when great artists sat together in cafes arguing passionately about the very meaning of passion.

In a different lifetime she might have been a great painter or a great writer. In another epoch, perhaps a courtesan or being that she's Scottish maybe even Boadicea herself - such is her veracity.

Just be thankful, that in this life, she is a singer.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Angela first achieved recognition as the singer of the much-adored LA band Wild Colonials, with whom she released three albums, Fruit of Life (1993), This Can't Be Life (1996) and Reel Life in 2000. In that same year, Angela also released Curio, an album of remarkable covers she recorded with husband Paul Cantelon, Lili Haydn and cellist Martin Tillman.

In 2004, Angela led French outfit, Telepopmusik, to the Grammy's with a nomination for Best Dance Recording for their smash hit "Breathe." In between 'Genetic World' (2003) and 'Angel Milk' (2005) - her two records with Telepopmusik - Angela also released her solo album 'The Things We Do', again to thunderous praise. In Europe, the single "It's Been Done' achieved huge critical acclaim and was heavily championed by Russell Brand. Paste Magazine described the album as 'an album that will break your heart then gently piece it back together again'.

The thing is, most people actually know Angela McCluskey, they just don't realize it.

Aside from Mitsubishi's famous choice of 'Breathe' to launch the Outlander, Angela also sang 'Beautiful Things' for American Express and more recently her voice can be heard on the Shick Quatro commercial. The song 'I'm not the girl', which Angela wrote with LMNTL, received so much attention the track was made available as a free download by Shick.

Angela's new record You Could Start a Fight in an Empty House, includes collaborations with a variety of her friends including Joseph Arthur, Kraig Jarret Johnson(Golden Smog), Scott McCloud (Girls against Boys), Bardi Johannsson (Bang Gang), Duke B (Gaea), Stephane Haeri (Teleopmusik), Paul Cantelon, Craig Wedren (Shudder to Think), Seth Rothschild, Wild Colonials and Richard Fortus (Guns n Roses).


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 Angela McCluskey - 'The Things We Do' - 2004, EMI Manhattan

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