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     Rebecka Tornqvist

Born: 26 April 1964 in Uppsala, Sweden
Genres: Pop/Rock

Rebecka Tornqvist was probably the most important artist in raising the interest in young female jazz vocalists in Sweden in the '90s, though her solo albums weren't pure jazz, but rather pop with heavy jazz influences. Apart from getting a number of followers in this style, she also revitalized the interest for the whole genre. This was not only her work, but artists like Per "Texas" Johansson have her to thank for increasing the commercial potential for Swedish jazz. Tornqvist's debut album, A Night Like This, was released the same year as Bo Kaspers Orkester released their successful jazzy debut. The albums were similar in some aspects, but where Bo Kaspers Orkester took a witty, ironic stand in jazz music and stretched out towards R&B, Tornqvist lacked the irony and her approach was serious, mature, and smooth. In 1993, Tornqvist made her debut with the album A Night Like This. Backing her was a big part of the Swedish jazz elite, including names like Esbjorn Svensson, Anders Widmark, and Per "Texas" Johansson, and the combination of jazz and pop proved very successful, not least commercially. Tornqvist's next album, Good Thing, was definitely pop, but also showed influences from slick soul and blues. In 1996, she released her first pure jazz album, Stockholm Kaza Session, together with saxophonist Per Texas Johansson and two years later, Tremble My Heart, which was a return to the mix of pop and jazz. The next year she was one of the members in the supergroup Gloria, formed by Lars Halapi, where Tornqvist sang together with singer/songwriter Sara Isaksson. The group released a self-titled album in 1999. In 2001, Tornqvist released a new solo album, this time produced by Halapi, who had also produced Gloria. Vad Jag Vill was her first album in Swedish and was also a step further away from the laid-back jazz-pop that had made her well-known.

- Lars Loven (All Music Guide)


Ребекка Торнквист родилась 26 апреля 1964 года в Швеции в городе Уппсала. Детство провела в Африке (Кения и Лесото), где работал ее отец в качестве представителя организации Sida.

После школы Ребекка закончила The Royal College of Music в Стокгольме.

Ее первый альбом - A Night Like This - вышел в 1993 году и был распродан в количестве более чем 100.000 дисков. Далее последовала запись This Good Thing (в 1995-м) Альбом стал платиновым, а Ребекка Торнквист получила шведскую "Грэмми" в номинации Лучшая поп/рок испонительница 1996 года (Ulla Billquist Stipendiet)

1998 год отмечен выходом диска Tremble My Heart.

В 2001 году был записан альбом на шведском языке - Vad Jag Vill. Также шведскую речь Ребекки можно услышать на сборниках Jul i folkton (BAM, 2005) в песне Det Ar En Ros Utsprungen (III) и Dubbel Trubbel (EMI, 2005) с Resan Hem (и Eldkvarn) и Vad Tanker Han Pa.
В 2006 году вышел очередной альбом на английском языке - Melting into Orange и совместная работа с Сарой Исакссон - Fire In The Hole - Sara Isaksson & Rebecca Tornqvist Sing Steely Dan

Последний из пока что вышедших дисков - The Cherry Blossom And The Skyline Rising From The Street (2008 год)


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 Rebecka Tornqvist - 'A Night Like This' - 1993, EMI
 Rebecka Tornqvist - 'Fire In The Hole' - 2012, Relativity, Zip Records
 Rebecka Tornqvist - 'Good Thing' - 1995, EMI
 Rebecka Tornqvist - 'Melting Into Orange' - 2006, EMI, Capitol Records
 Rebecka Tornqvist - 'Scorpions' - 2011, Warner Music
 Rebecka Tornqvist - 'The Cherry Blossom And The Skyline Rising From The Street' - 2008, Sony BMG
 Rebecka Tornqvist - 'The Stockholm Kaza Session' - 1996, EMI
 Rebecka Tornqvist - 'Travel Like In Songs' - 2008, Capitol Records
 Rebecka Tornqvist - 'Tremble My Heart' - 1998, EMI Music
 Rebecka Tornqvist - 'Vad Jag Vill' - 2001, Metronome

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