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     Lady Linn

Belgian singer Lady Linn is a member of a few stylistically diverse groups, namely Bolchi, Skeemz, and Lady Linn and Her Magnificent Seven, each of which achieved some degree of success in her homeland. Born Lien de Greef and based in Ghent, Belgium, Lady Linn first found success in Bolchi, a dance-pop band whose debut album, She (2004), featured the hit single "City Trippin'." A year later she sang on Ain't You Heard? (2005), the debut album of Skeemz, an urban-pop group produced by DJ Buzz. In 2006 her jazz-pop band Lady Linn and Her Magnificent Seven released their debut single, Shopping, the title track of which was the group's first original song after years of cover material. Following the Shopping single, Lady Linn and Her Magnificent Seven - comprised of Marc de Maeseneer (baritone sax), Frederick Heirman (trombone), Tom Callens (tenor saxophone), Yves Fernandez (trumpet), Christian Mendoza (piano), Koen Kimpe (double bass), and Matthias Standaert (drums) - proceeded to record an entire album of originals, Here We Go Again (2008), produced by Bolchi bandleader Jeroen de Pessemier. Released by V2 Records, the album became a Top Ten hit in Belgium.

- Jason Birchmeier (All Music Guide)

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 Lady Linn - 'Here We Go Again' - 2008, Universal Distribution

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