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     Herbie Louise Asbjornsen

Critially acclaimed and bestselling jazzartist Hilde Louise Asbjornsen is described by Norwegian press as "three parts Monroe and one part Holiday". She writes music and lyrics within her own personal genre, inspired by American vocal-jazz of the 50s, early European cabaret and the harsh wind blowing on the coast of Norway. She has released four jazz-albums in five years, recieved great reviews and toured the country doing both club-concerts and festivals. Her last album "Sound Your Horn" went straight in to the Norwegian Charts Top 40.

Hilde Louise has a strong stage-apearance, and both her voice and her movements gives references to the 1920s, champagne, lushlife and a deep dark behind the seemingly glamourous surface.

Put this together with a sparkling orchestra of some of Norways hottest jazzmusicians, and you get a fantastic concert-experience.

Recently she has been performing as front-singer for the Swedish jazz/pop duo KOOP, touring Asia, USA and Europe. She is also the singer and co-author on their new single "Strangelove", which was released in the US autumn 2007, and in Europe March 2008.


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 Herbie Louise Asbjornsen - 'Birdie Blues' - 2005, Upnorth Disks
 Herbie Louise Asbjornsen - 'Divin' At The Oceansound' - 2011, Grappa
 Herbie Louise Asbjornsen - 'Eleven Nights And Two Early Mornings' - 2004, Cool Sound
 Herbie Louise Asbjornsen - 'Never Ever Going Back' - 2010, Sweet Morning
 Herbie Louise Asbjornsen - 'Sound Your Horn' - 2008, Sweet Morning

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