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     Lizzy Parks

If it's an in depth explanation of my life and career so far you'd better catch me after a gig with a good bottle of gin! (and if you came here from the myspace page you will have heard that before!)… but for those of you without the time or inclination, the basic story goes like this …

I'm a Devon lass who's lived and loved music for as long as I can remember. Tooting the Clarinet and Saxophone from the age of 7 gave me my thirst for jazz, then after discovering my voice with the school big band during a rendition of Skylark aged 11 there was no stopping me!

I went on to study music in all sorts of places, from clubs to Conservatoires, and got my first taste of session work with Chris Bowden, performing Crockers and Killers on his Slightly Askew album for Ninja Tune back in 2001. After recording for various other artists I released my debut album Watching Space in 2005 with indie label, The Birds Recording Company.

After touring Europe with the 'Nostalgia 77 Octet' , I become part of the Tru Thoughts family with whom I've release my spanking new, deep orchestral soul/jazz album , Raise The Roof, co-written and produced with bass player Riaan Vosloo and Nostalga 77's Ben Lamdin.

I can mostly be found gigging in dens and dives all over the UK and Europe! I've got a habit of appearing on stage with my band, Nostalga 77 (Tru Thoughts) and The Heritage Orchestra (Brownswood) amongst others, and sometimes I spring up behind the odd DJ booth to entertain the club crowds my with my dulcet tones!


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 Lizzy Parks - 'Raise The Roof' - 2008, Tru Thoughts
 Lizzy Parks - 'This And That' - 2009, Tru Thoughts

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