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This German born Canadian resident is a true storyteller. After the highly acclaimed debut CD "Spark Within, Mystefy continues her musical journey with "Me: Unpretentious, straight and very intimate are the songs she wrote for her new album. This doesn't imply all tunes on "Me are autobiographical - but it does mean that everything Mystefy composes and sings about relates to her, and reflects impressions and experiences Mystefy has shared and lived through. Stories happening in her world, mostly true, sometimes altered, exaggerated or told in a humorous fashion.

Mystefy is highly intuitive and sensitive to her surroundings and easily picks up vibes - this is why her lyrics are intense, her songs are touching yet still put the listener at ease. Mystefy embraces what we humans are made of: She is close to our emotions.

Also, Mystefy is a practitioner - and this reflects on her life and music. She is your nice-neighbor-next-door kind of artist, no jazz diva with an attitude, no jazz standard singer who goes out to revamp the same old songs. Alas, she can sing those tunes, sang on many stages and has a repertoire of over a hundred: but this isn't enough. With a classically trained voice and a range of over 3 octaves, she prefers to charm listeners with her songs. She entertains and stays approachable at the same time. Her secret - the artist names says it all: Mystefy is a mystic by soul. An emigrant and hence a natural at being home in different worlds, she is a spiritual human, singer/songwriter but also a passionate painter. No surprise then that she has access to a greater artistry palette than many others. The fact that Mystefy also loves horseback riding, her garden and feels at home the moment she is near water - be it an ocean or a creek - just fits the picture. The zodiac sign of this visionary mermaid? Almost needless to say: Piscean - the fishes!

All of Mystefy"s tunes - even if she didn't realize this herself - are love songs in one way or the other. We?re not talking the cheesy average kind - this Mystefy would dismiss as yesterday's news. We?re talking tunes broaching the issue of a "love of life - Mystefy's very own spirituals, if you will. They remind us of those forgotten by our society, such as Aborigine women who go missing by the hundreds: In "Sisters in Spirit these women get a bit of the attention and love they deserve. 'Big Secret on the other hand deals with sexual abuse, the hypocritical 'loving" bond demanding secrecy and the inner strength and love of yourself necessary to break vicious cycles and stop being a victim. "East Of The Sun" tells the tale of a loving friendship. "I Close My Eyes" speaks of unsatisfiable love; 'Creatures" sketches the exaggerated love of pets in a funny way, "Healing Hands is a symbol for true love and "Wait for Me shows hopelessly romantic love while "Learn Just To Be puts love and faith into relation. Another Mystefy Spiritual is "It's A Beautiful Day" - appealing to live your dreams, and 'Art By Heart" is an amusing approach of a loving relationship; "Magic Moments preaches love of the moment - the art of being, while "We are through is a true swan song about a romance gone wrong.

"Me" emerged as a demo version from Mystefy's home recording studio in her Ottawa/Canada basement (equipped with microphone, percussion, keyboard and Cubase-Software). Tim Allhoff, based in Augsburg/Germany, was responsible for the arrangements and acted as co-writer, but all lyrics and the better part of music were penned by Mystefy: "A terrific collaboration via MP3 and Skype conference across the ocean - truly 'songwriting of the advanced stage".

All twelve tunes were recorded as live over merely two days in Bremen with a core band. Apart from Mystefy (vocals) and Tim Allhoff (e-Piano/ grand piano) the band musicians were Knuth Jerxsen (percussion) and again Dieter Ilg (who also played on "Spark Within" on upright bass. Several guest musicians came in, such as Oliver Spanuth (drums), flugelhornist Joern Anders and Volker Bruder (soprano & alt saxophone). Cellist Raphael Zweifel acted as 'virtual band member" - sending his string parts as audio files from Nice, France.


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 Mystefy - 'Spark Within' - 2008, Compost Records

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