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Born in Tokyo, Akiko began playing piano at age 4

She began listening to rock and punk music when she was a junior high school and then began to take their interest in different types of music including 70's Disco Music 60's Oldies, 50's Rock and Country & Western In particular, they like music, she was particularly inspired by old black music Jump & Jive and Doo Wop

At age 18, she happened to listen to Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald and met with Jazz Afterwards she began to sing like a pro at Jazz Club Tokyo when she was a student

Akiko in 2001 signed with Universal Jazz

After that she had received the highest praise for the International Jazz Meeting in New York she recorded her debut album Paris legendary French producer Henri Renaud untilThis album was her debut album "Girl Talk" was chosen as the Swing Journal's Gold Disc (Seal of Approval) and ranked in one of the jazz charts in the Original Confidence (Japanese Billboard) Directly after the onset Akiko made success with their debut concerts in four major cities (Tokyo, Osaka Nagoya and Fukuoka) And in October she appeared at the Tokyo Blue Note with his trio, as a result of these aggressive activities, she won the New Star Award in 2001 Swing Journal Jazz Disc Awards

In 2002, Akiko released his second album "Hip Pop Bop", which has two tracks produced by British pop single Swing Out Sister album was also ranked one of the jazz charts in the Original Confidence During the summer she appeared with her own trio at many jazz festivals in Japan and captured more than 30 000 viewers

In 2003 Akikoreleased its third album, "Akiko's Holiday," which was filmed in New York, she picked up 12 jazz standards sung by the legendary singer Billie Holiday On several songs she sang modern way in the R & B / Hip Hop contact with several guests Roy Hargrove This album was chosen by Swing Journal's Gold Disc (Seal of Approval)

In October (2003) Akiko was awarded the "Defining Beauty Award" by world-renowned cosmetic companies "Estee Lauder" Right after receiving the award she released her fourth album "Mood Swings" Tatsuo Sunaga A Japanese famous DJ who produced this album In this album Akiko has begun to turn to not only jazz fans but also young audiences as "The coolest jazz singer in Japan" As a result, she won the Jazz Vocal Award 2003 Swing timement Jazz Disc Award

In 2004 Akiko worked with Tatsuo Sunaga again and released his fifth album "Mood Indigo" was this album was awarded AdLib magazine in 2004 Best National Club / Dance Disc Award In September, she appeared in Tai-chung Jazz Festival in Taiwan and conquer more than 6000 spectators

In June 2005, Akiko released his first live album "Simply Blue "which was recorded at the Jazz Club Motion Blue Yokohama in November, she released a new album produced by Yasuharu Konishi (ex Pizzicato Five), entitled" Little Miss Jazz & Jive goes around the world! " which focused on her musical roots, jive music associated with "Little Miss ..." She produced a jive compilation CD titled "Akiko presents Rockin 'Doo Wop Jump & Jive"

April 2006 released his first b?? First album "Collage" In July, she made Blue Note tour (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka) and live performance in Osaka was released digital albums on iTunes Music Store

Akiko's 2007 started in Brazil for recording her new album "Vida" with his co-producer GIRA MUNDO album was supported by the famous Brazilian musicians including Marcos Suzao and Art Lindsey, released in April, she did a Japan tour with this album and also appeared on the big pop festivals including Fuji Rock Festival During this period, her previous album was released in Korea as she visited South Korea for both marketing and performing at Jazz Festival

At the end of that year (2007) Akiko released his first Christmas album "a White Album" which was produced by YasuharuKonishi While her second jivecompilation "Akiko presents Rockin 'Doo Wop Jump & Jive Vol 2" was released in focus for the party season

In 2008, after a successful Billboard Live / Blue Note tour in the spring Akiko began working on two albums simultaneously in the studio with own production of her album Concept for these albums to put "What is jazz?" from two different angles "What is Jazz?-Style" was released in October, expressed his love for good old acoustic jazz, while "What is Jazz?-SPIRIT-" was released in November was to express his vision that music should always reflect the trend to cooperate with Track the creators of club music field including Yukihiro Fukutomi and Hajime Yoshizawa

In June 2009, Akiko released his new album "rating" which was a tribute to the legendary LONDON NITE Islands' Rock DJ events in Tokyo, where she largely spent his time as a teenager with Kensho Onuki who was the organizer of LONDON NITE as her supervisor Akiko picked various pop / rock hits of the 60's-90's that was "LONDON NITE classics" and cooperated with LONDON NITE DJs / producers for each track building

Summer 2009 Akiko visited Oslo to make her new album with producer / keyboard player and also the owner of Jazzland label Bugge Wesseltoft During his stay in Norway she appeared with Bugge at paragraph one of the most advanced music festivals Norway album scheduled for release in early December


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